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Who We Are Genetics Institute of America

Genetics Institute of America (GIA) is a leading cancer diagnostics and pharma-services laboratory serving physicians and their clients with advanced, prognostic, and predictive testing.

Genetics Institute of America was founded to provide high quality, physician and patient focused, molecular diagnostics that can truly impact patient care.

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How It Works GIAnomics™ Genetic Testing


You submit a request for GIAnomics™ Genetic Testing with Genetics Institute of America


Specialized GIA Care Coordinators will contact your physician for review and documentation supporting GIAnomics™ Genetic Testing


GIA will send GIAnomics™ Genetic Test Kit(s) to your home


You’ll complete your GIAnomics™ Genetic Test kit in the comfort of your home and use the included prepaid packaging to ship it back to our laboratory, Genetics Institute of America


Genetics Institute of America will process and analyze your sample


Your GIAnomics™ Genetic Report and Genetic Counseling Notes will be ready for review within 2-3 weeks

Find the Right  GIAnomics™ Genetic Test For You

We offer extensive genetic testing options to patients and their loved ones. Who do you know that needs to know? Take our quiz today to find the right GIAnomics™ test for you.

Eligibility of patients depends on state and national criteria which can be found under Affording Care.

What is Precision Medicine

Precision medicine uses your genes, environment, and lifestyle to guide diagnosis, treatment, and prevention decisions. The goal is to step away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to medicine that may not work and create an individual health plan that is just right for you.


Educational Resources

Your genetic test results may help you make more informed decisions with your healthcare provider about your health such as screening, risk-reducing surgeries, and prevention medication therapies. Learn more about genetic testing today with Genetics Institute of America.

What is Genetic Testing?
How to Complete Your GIAnomics™ Genetic Test Kit
GIAnomics™ Swab Instructions

The Benefits of GIAnomics™ Genetic Tests

The staff at Genetics Institute of America is dedicated to promoting the longevity and quality of life outcomes in patients worldwide. Our devotion and research allow us to operate new, up to date technology to deliver customized testing for genetic related cancers and diseases.

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Why You Should
Test With
Genetics Institute of

Genetics Institute of America (GIA) is a national laboratory dedicated to heightening the awareness of early intervention and genetic screening to promote the longevity and quality of life outcomes in our patients.

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